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  1. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Just wondering how the 4.52% cutoff is determined for tiering purposes? It used to be 3.41%, which I believe is the probability of having at least a 50% chance of seeing that Pokémon every 20 battles? What about 4.52%, and why was it changed for Gen 8? Edit: Never mind I saw the previous posts...
  2. F1 2015

    Likewise... this season won't be as dominant as 2014, but I'm sure Mercedes will win by a comfortable margin like Red Bull did in 2011, even if other teams might win occasionally.
  3. F1 2015

    It is the first time Mercedes lost a race in a straight fight... as in no random weather changes, mechanical failures or taking each other out which was the case with all 3 of Ricciardo's wins last season so credit to Ferrari for that, but I'm sure they won't underestimate Ferrari any longer...
  4. F1 2015

    Wow what did Sauber get themselves into... seems like Sutil knew something we didn't back when he said this and it wasn't just out of bitterness after all: And from what I heard, Sutil is also suing them along...
  5. F1 2015

    Maybe he just made an error? I mean I know he's Alonso but even he slips up from time to time, imagine what would we all say if it were Maldonado...
  6. F1 2015

    Lol why Kevin? Button may be old but he was pretty good last year; you really couldn't have asked much more from him and I predict Alonso will be pushed pretty hard by him... provided he doesn't get the Räikkönen treatment :/
  7. F1 2015

    Discuss~ No more Marussia :( Can Vettel regain his reputation? How will Button measure up to Alonso? How will Lotus fare this year with a Mercedes engine? Or whatever else you feel like discussing about the upcoming season... :P
  8. Haha okay sure... I usually just spend my time lurking but okay :)

    Haha okay sure... I usually just spend my time lurking but okay :)
  9. F1 2014

    Oh my god Vettel to Ferrari?! Did not see that coming
  10. The Tennis Thread

    Wow both Djokovic and Federer out... when was the last time none of the Big 4 won a Grand Slam?
  11. The Tennis Thread

    Well she won anyway... but who in the world expected Peng Shuai in the semi finals, I most certainly didn't... I predict a Serena-Caroline final which would be most interesting; Caroline's demolition of Sara Errani showed an offensive side of her we've never seen before, let's see how that will...
  12. The Tennis Thread

    Did anyone see the Serena VS Caroline match for the Roger's Cup... on paper it seems like Caroline did well to push Serena all the way to the very end, barely losing 6-4 5-7 5-7 but the thing is Serena was her own worst enemy, not Caroline... the latter was far too passive and there were plenty...
  13. F1 2014

    Yes indeed, what a race... though as a Vettel fan this is getting really embarrassing... Vettel was faster all weekend and I got my hopes up but then boom this happens... yeah okay the first safety car ruined the leading quartet of Rosberg/Bottas/Vettel/Alonso and Ricciardo got lucky but Alonso...
  14. F1 2014

    Even if it's for PR, at least say something that isn't a blatant lie... everyone knows it's Hamilton for obvious reasons.
  15. F1 2014

    Yes, indeed Hamilton was screwed over at the pitstops... I wonder if it has anything to do with the way he positions his car in the pits? I doubt the pit-crew train themselves to be 1 second slower for another driver because that's just absurd. Either way Rosberg has had better luck this season...
  16. UU Victim of the Week! (Week Twenty-Seven: Contrary Serperior)

    Defensive Arcanine can counter Swords Dance Lucario as well. Arcanine Item: Leftovers EVs: 248 HP, 252 Def, 8 Sp Def Nature: Bold Ability: Intimidate ~ Flamethrower ~ Morning Sun ~ Will-o-Wisp ~ Toxic Can switch into Lucario as it uses Swords Dance, tank the incoming Life Orb Close Combat with...
  17. F1 2014

    When the situation turns into that of Ferrari... Räikkönen is hands-down the biggest disappointment of the season so far.
  18. F1 2014

    Williams is facing 2012 all over again... their car's raw pace means they should be ranked higher in the WCC, but these sort of racing incidents along with some bad luck means they are unable to capitalize.
  19. F1 2014

    Wow that was a total shocker of a race :O + A non-Mercedes car actually winning + Congrats to Ricciardo for maiden win + Great drive from both SFI drivers; they were being mobile chicanes and a huge headache for RBR... pity about that Perez-Massa collision :/ + Great drive by Rosberg to nurse a...
  20. F1 2014

    Well he did get away pretty lightly on track, but his reputation is permanently tainted... I doubt we'll be seeing anyone top those blatant acts of cheating anytime soon. I suppose drivers require a certain mean streak in order to win (I doubt we have any multiple WDC winners who haven't been...